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The Alchemy of Possibility, like life itself, will be many things to many people. A book of spiritual revelations and psychological insights to some, an inspiring odyssey of the imagination to others,Suggestions The Alchemy of Possibility documents the archetypal sojourn of the visionary artist. It also serves as a how-to book; a navigation manual for the alchemical transformation of consciousness, providing instructions for assembling an “architecture” of the higher spheres—what Carolyn Kleefeld has termed the “Sixth Dimension.” As with her previous poetry collections, Carolyn bares the escalating evolution of her soul, and speaks out with a bold and admirably honest voice on such spiritually essential topics as love, immortality, reality, the discovery of one’s deeper nature and the search for higher meaning. Like Anaïs Nin, Carolyn bravely explores inner dimensions that are at once both intimately personal and archetypically universal, delicately woven together with sensuous passion; and as with Kahlil Gibran, we witness the philosophical fruits of one who has undergone profound spiritual lessons.

Following the tradition of William Blake and Hermann Hesse, The Alchemy of Possibility is a poetic blend of mysticism and imagination. In harmony with the visible rainbow and the musical scale, The Alchemy of Possibility follows the law of octaves, recapitulating the evolutionary journey from the Earth to the heavens. As with the literary works of James Joyce, there are many levels of meaning woven into The Alchemy of Possibility. It was deeply inspired by the six-thousand-year-old Chinese The I Ching, one of humanity’s oldest surviving mystical texts; since then, a contemporary translation of this timeless message has long been overdue.

Each chapter can be viewed like a ray of sunlight through a crystal prism, where a full spectrum of meaning is encoded in a multileveled series of layers. One gleans from each passage the message that one is “ready” to hear, in coincidence with the synchronicity of the moment.

David Jay BrownA series of extraordinary paintings and drawings capturing various aspects of the ecstatic vision accompany and complement the text. These mythic expressions of the Jungian collective unconscious, and cyberdelic DNA mindscapes of paradise, can be viewed as windows into supernatural worlds, or as a kind of inter-dimensional Tarot sequence. They illustrate the transitions in The Alchemy of Possibility and provide us with a peek behind the scenes of existence, wherein many secrets of nature are revealed. In your hands you hold a treasure chest overflowing with “rippling revelations” and “postcards from heaven,” which you can keep near your bed and consult, like a trusty companion, again and again. Carolyn’s words and visions will surely serve as an empowering inspiration for many generations to come.

- David Jay Brown
Ben Lomond, California
April 1997

The inspiration for the Alchemy Oracle comes from Carolyn Mary Kleefeld's book,
The Alchemy of Possibility: Reinventing Your Personal Mythology
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